Hammerton’s Newsletter 24-02-2020


Emotet malware is now spreading through a “smishing” campaign. Smishing is a form of phishing that relies on text messages instead of email. Read more

Hackers are using the fear surrounding the Coronavirus outbreak to spread malware. Read more

Is there really a cybersecurity skills gap or are company cultures responsible for the millions of unfilled cybersecurity positions? Read more

The US and UK blame Russia for cyber attacks on Georgia. Read more

The Emotet malware resurgence is on. Should security professionals stop focusing more on next generation attacks and deal with pervasive threats? Read more

The Twitter accounts of FC Barcelona and the International Olympic Committee were hacked. Hackers claim that Neymar is rejoining the Spanish club. Read more

Mysterious notification on Samsung phones puzzles users. Glitch or potential hack? Read more


Microsoft’s Windows Defender to be released for iOS and Android. After releasing Windows Defender for MacOS and announcing this, I believe Microsoft are doing this to get more information about the computing ecosystem. Read more

Python 2.0 will not be available on the anticipated Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. Read more

Enterprise open source software adoption is on the rise. Read more


Kenyan business firms are at high risk of cyber attacks. Read more

Suspended sections of the Computer Misuse and Cybercrime Act have been lifted after judge dismissed a case filed by the Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE). Read more

Safaricom Limited are challenging a man accusing them for violating the privacy of their customers by claiming the man obtained the users’ data through illegal means. Read more

Safaricom’s customer care bot Zuri now on WhatsApp. Read more


Learn how to download with the curl command. Read more

Learn how to use the rpm command to manage software on Redhat based Linux systems. Read more

Build a hacking station with a Raspberry PI and Kali Linux. Read more


You can now track the progress of the Coronavirus outbreak via a neat dashboard based on information from WHO. Read more

Coronavirus seems to be sparing children but also killing more men than women. This could be because of lifestyle choices. Read more

The Coronavirus may have not originated from a seafood market but from a bioweapons lab in Wuhan. Read more

Artificial Intelligence has assisted researchers in creating a promising antibiotic. Read more

Cryptocurrency featured recently on The Simpsons. The Simpson is known to predict future events such as the election of Donald Trump as president. Read more


System administrators or IT departments in general of organizations with tight budgets can look into Libre Office to replace Microsoft Office suite. Read more

Ego could be a barrier to your success. Read more

Learn to build virtual machines with Vagrant to aid in building penetration testing labs quicker. Read more

It may pay off to learn the Golang programming language. Read more

Read my write up on a CTF called sombrero. Read more

“Be positive because in a world where everyone and everything seems to be against you it is important you’re on your side.”

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