Why the Dethroning of Your Ego can be the Best Thing to Happen to you

Image by Jan Alexander from Pixabay

Let’s view ego as a king. A self righteous king . One who believes that they can do no wrong. A king who believes that they are a blessing to the land they rule and that there is no other king worth ruling the land. Not once does he believe that he is blessed to rule the land. This is ego. This is whom is ruling most of our lives.

Ego is not evil. Not at all. Ego has the right ideas. The right vision. The problem comes in with the mode of execution. Ego wants to be “the purpose” for action. Noone should get credit but ego. Ego wants to solve everything by themselves.

To a point, this sense of autonomy is important. One needs to take responsibility for their actions. However, as much as it is important, ego shouldn’t be king.

Ego gets in the way when we want to improve ourselves. Admitting that we don’t know something or are powerless to something is usually the beginning of learning and improvement. When you understand this it comes as no surprise that the first step of Alcoholics Anonymous’ 12 steps to sobriety is “Admit powerlessness over alcohol”. Once you accept your shortcomings, they cannot work against you. You understand that you really aren’t up to the task at that time. Only when this is done can you decide to change something. Perhaps the environment you’re in or the way you do things. That way you dethrone the ego.

This dethroning of the ego can happen at one point or in a period of time. Usually most of us get there through a process where our heart despairs. We go through tough times and then realize that we aren’t really in control of most things. We accept things for what they are and move on with only hope to hold on to.

This isn’t a new discovery. Religious people have known this for a while. Buddha is said to have found enlightenment after letting go of his riches and deep meditation. Jesus also claimed that the kingdom of God is for those who are like children. People ready to be led and trust fully in a leader. Basically, someone without an ego.

Therefore, the dethroning of your ego can be one of the best things to happen to you. It frees you from pain and gives you the ability to improve yourself. Ego only works for you when it is not in the driving seat. Let go of it and you’ll feel right. You’ll feel relieved because that is how your mind is suppose to be.

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