Hammerton’s Newsletter 16-03-2020


Virgin Media announces that data of 900000 of their customers has been accessible since April 2019. Read more

Australia sues Facebook for exposing data of about 311,127 Australian citizens to a third-party app. Read more

A list of coronavirus-based cyber attacks since the 1st of February 2020. Read more

Paradise ransomware being spread through IQY attachments. Read more

Anonymous social media service leaks user information and posts. Read more


CREST, the not-for-profit accreditation and certification body for the technical security industry, has received a grant of $1.4 million from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to help increase cyber security capacity in Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Indonesia. Read more

Kenyans to recieve Coronavirus updates from the Ministry of Health through SMS. Read more

Kenyans left in debt after believing there was a “okoa jahazi” heist. Read more

Airtel downfall is due to poor human resource practices and fraudulent dealings. Read more

Safaricom’s M-PESA suffered glitches recently that led to a social media uproar from its subscribers. Read more

Understanding Safaricom’s new post pay rates. Read more


First confirmed case of Coronavirus in Kenya. Events get cancelled as a result. Read more

Coronavirus resources in the R programming language ecosystem. Read more

Trump’s political circle experiences Coronavirus scares. Read more

AI adoption in Cyber security is preffered but human aspect still valued. Read more

Cases of Coronavirus have dramatically fell in China. Doctors celebrate with a rather heart warming video after the closure of last temporary hospital. Read more


Why was the Spanish flu called the Spanish flu? Find out through an R programming tutorial. Read more

Fast secure Linux backup using Restic. Read more

Using the at command to schedule one-off tasks instead of creating entire cron jobs. Read more

Linux password management. Read more


Learn how to learn effectively and efficiently. Read more

The CIA and Germany intelligence have been the secret co-owners of a Swiss-based cryptography company that has been selling cryptography products to more than 120 nations. Listen to Podcast

Mark Manson’s interesting view on Coronavirus pandemic. Read more

Social engineering awareness video. Very cool. Watch

A Twitter thread on financial freedom and how to possibly achieve it. Read more

If you think ten years of efforts is long, you are not focused enough.

Have a great week ahead.

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